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in Downtown Lexington, Georgia
National Weather Service Co-Op Station 

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National Weather Service Temperature in Lexington @ 6:54pm on 5/24/18


the direction from which the wind is blowing
speed in miles per hourThe outside air temperature 71 inches above the soil in a solar shielded, vented, day time aspirated enclosure.WIND CHILLSolar radiation is measured in Watts per square meter.Ultra Violet radiation - index is scaled from 0 to 16.Evapotransporation is measured in inches.Barometric presssure corrected to sea level
Rain rate meter in inches per hour
Today's rain accumulation in inches October rain accumulation in inches2017 rain accumulation in inches
sunrise sunset moonrise moonset
Conditions Now
Comfort level Comfortable
 Wind Chill  78.6
Barometer 30.00 in.
and Steady
Wind Direction ESE 
Wind Speed 0
UV Index 0.0
Solar Radiation 32 Watts/Sq M
Rain Today 0.00 in.
 ET  0.11 in.
2018 Rainfall 23.37 in
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 85.8°F at 4:07pm
Low Temperature 67.6°F at 2:00am
High Heat Index    97.2°F
Peak Wind Gust 9mph at 5:30pm 
Yesterday's Data
Temp 24 hrs ago 74.0 °F
Yesterday's high 78.2 °F
Lexington's highest recorded temperature
 High Temp 109.8 °F on 7/1/2012

This weather station is maintained by an experienced weather equipment technician.   The Oglethorpe County weather station is a Cooperative weather station set up by the Observation Program Manager, National Weather Service Forecast Office at Peachtree City, Ga.
  The station reports rain and temperature observations to NWS for official weather data archive.
The Lexington station, number LXTG1, was set up in January 1952 and has been recording rainfall. It was modified in April 2004 to add the Nimbus max/min temperature system (MMTS) for recording daily temperature data.
Monthly official Lexington rain and temperature data is available free from NWS online.


wind speed data for the past 36 hours wind speed data for the past 36 hours wind run data for the past 36 hourstemperature graph for the past 36 hoursdew point graph for the past 36 hourswind chill graph for the past 36 hourshumidity graph for the past 36 hoursrain rate graph for the past 36 hoursaccumulated rain graph for the past 36 hours UV Index graph for the past 36 hours. UV Index uses a scale of 0 - 16.solar radiation graph for the past 36 hours. Solar radiation is measured in Watts per square meter.barometric graph (corrected to sea level) for the past 36 hours


sea level barometric data for the past 7 days daily rain accumulations graph for the past 7 days temperature data for the past 7 days solar radiation data for the past 7 dayswind run data for the past 7 days

YEAR Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec TOTAL
2012 3.61 2.45 2.43 1.07 2.50 3.49 7.44 3.14 2.53 2.77 0.98 6.65 39.06
2013 4.70 6.64 4.10 3.87 4.02 6.30 10.18 7.67 2.11 0.84 2.86 10.10 63.39
2014 3.38 3.88 4.02 4.91 3.48 2.44 1.91 1.74 3.17 2.47 3.11 5.75 40.26
2015 3.87 4.97 3.52 7.62 1.99 3.59 6.00 6.22 5.04 5.38 7.98 15.32 71.5
2016 3.74 3.94 1.63 2.25 2.55 4.30 3.03 6.90 1.43 0.00 0.00 0.00 29.78
AVERAGE 4.38 4.38 5.04 3.57 3.63 3.81 4.11 4.03 3.43 2.98 3.25 4.02 46.36 AVERAGE
rain chart data 2016 Sep 19

Lexington record high temperature

The highest temperature measured in Lexington, Georgia was 109.5° F at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.   This is the official National Weather Service Temperature measured by a Nimbus maximum/minimum temperature system.   The Nimbus MMTS system was installed by NWS and it is inspected and calibrated annually by the Cooperative Program Manager of the Weather Forecast Office, Peachtree City, Ga.
The temperature measured with a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus system at the same site was 109.8° F. at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.
The temperature measured with an AcuRite 1015 5-in-1 Weather Center at the same site was 110° F. at 3:45 PM on July 1, 2012.

The Lexington/Oglethorpe County average rainfall is 46.50 inches.  The highest annual rainfall was 66.43 inches in 1964 until 2015 broke that record.

2015 Set our Lexington/Oglethorpe County record annual rainfall of 71.5 inches with 15.32 inches in December alone

Lexington rain records since 1952.

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